Directed by Alia Hassan
Cinematography by Alia Hassan
Edited by Alex Odam & Alia Hassan
Colour by Alex Odam
Translation by Alia Hassan, Sajeda Hassan & Tuka Hassan
Production Assistance by Haydar Ali, Sam Campbell & Ibrahim Kadhim
Executive Produced by Hassan Sadun & Sajeda Hassan
Produced by Alia Hassan & Tuka Hassan

three dimensional representations: edwina supercut

directed by: alia hassan
director of photography: alex odam
edited by: alex odam & alia hassan
produced by: marco ortega & alia hassan

Making a masterpiece - The Apprentice 2016: Episode 5 Preview - BBC One
Gay Sex Apps and Me (2014)

Client: Channel 4 // Director of Photography & Motion Graphics: Alex Odam

Harry Hitchens is 19 and came out on YouTube. Since then he's been navigating the tricky world of gay relationships and dating - and the time has come for him to try out some apps... this is what happened.

Portra 160 vs Fuji Pro 160NS

Cinematography & Edit: Alex Odam

Produced by: Ben White

BBC Make it Digital - Buzz Jam (2016)

DoP & Editor: Alex Odam

Negative Feedback: Shooting In Bath

Starring George Muncey & Will Darbyshire

Cinematography & Edit: Alex Odam

Leather Lane (2013)

Final Year College project, shot and edited in a day.

Negative Feedback: Street Shooting in Knightsbridge

Cinematography & Edit: Alex Odam

Documentary Announcement (2013)
CH4 Documentary Promo (2013)
Feminism Is For Butch Women [OUR VOICES: EP1]